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The FlagStone Experience

The FlagStone Experience is not just a few brief meetings, but a lifelong relationship built on trust and communication helping you to reach your long term financial goals.

Action Appointment

In our initial Action Appointment, we will meet to discuss where you are financially and where you want to be. Whether you are currently working, planning to retire or concerned about your family’s future; we will work hand in hand with you to set a strategy to address your needs.

Follow Up Appointment

As we all know, life does not always go as planned. Follow up Appointments are encouraged to keep your long term goals on track. Employment, economic and unexpected family circumstances are among the most common reasons for these appointments. This is where we feel that communication is necessary in maintaining your financial plans.

Becoming a Client

Becoming a client with FlagStone means forming a reliable, trustworthy, on going relationship to help in achieving your goals and needs.

Becoming a Client

Communication is key for a long and trusting relationship. We, at FlagStone, take pride in our personal relationships with each client. An “experience” is gained by being actively involved over a period of time. That is how we plan to help you succeed as a client and that is what sets FlagStone apart.

Lifetime Relationship

It is because of our personal service and long term relationships that our business has grown. Many of our current clients have given us the highest compliment by referring their friends and family. We are not just here for you today, but for your lifetime.



FlagStone helps clients develop appropriate and fitting retirement plans.  Our recommendations are custom tailored for each client, and we constantly monitor your investments and communicate with you to maintain an up-to-date plan to reflect any changes that may have come about since the previous meeting.

We work with clients in 3 areas: Accumulation, Distribution and Transfers.

Typical Clients of FlagStone Retirement Consultants:

Investments – Some of the investments we use are:

We can work with our clients on either a fee-based or commission-based relationship.  It is our goal to explain each option to our clients, and to let them decide on how they would like to move forward.

Retirement Transition Services

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